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The Tapir Gallery is a web site belonging to the Tapir Preservation Fund, a charitable organization whose mission is to provide "information and funding to assist conservation of tapirs and their habitat." Generally, e-updates will not go out often enough to clutter your mailbox, but if you should decide at any time you'd rather not receive mailings, we'll be happy to take you off the list immediately. This is done efficiently by a human - just let us know! We never sell or loan our lists. Thank you.

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This is a discussion list. If your interest in tapirs is professional, or if you are seriously interested in technical discussions concerning tapirs, please see the Tapir Talk registration and info page.

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Sheryl Todd
President, Tapir Preservation Fund
Editor and Deputy Chair, IUCN/SSC Tapir Specialist Group

All tapirs are endangered species.
Saving tapirs helps save the rainforest.

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