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Patrícia Medici lives and works in Brazil. As a conservation biologist at The Ecological Research Institute (Instituto de Pesquisas Ecologicas [IPÊ]), she works with both tapirs and black lion tamarins near her home town of São Paulo. This photo was taken in front of someone else's home - April the Tapir at the Belize Zoo - in 1997, when Patrícia visited Belize to attend a conference. Much of her time is spent doing field work in Morro do Diabo State Park, where she and her team have now collared eight lowland tapirs.

Capture Round: January 2001
Until we have time to put the report online in HTML,
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The photos are here. Click on each JPG file you want to view.

Capture Round: June/July 2000
This page includes even more photos.
The page may load slowly, but you can read about the captures while the pictures come in.

Capture Round: March 2000
This page includes lots of photos.

The park, the tapirs, the team.

Curriculum Vitae
Classes, conferences and contact information.

Project Funding Proposal
Learn more about Patrcia's work.

Annual Budget
See what it costs to make a project like this happen.

How is this project organized?

More About IP's Activities in the Pontal
Learn about the Landless Movement and conservation
in the Pontal do Paranapanema region of Brazil.


TSG Newsletter
A report on Patrícia's work during 1997

First Interview
From tapirs in Brazil to the Great Wall of China ~ with photos.

Second Interview
Communications from the field.

Pati's project on IPE's Brazilian web site (in English)
Click on the tapir. This link is in Portuguese, and IPE's main page is here.

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Rainforest Live
Patrcia's pages on the Paignton Zoo Web site.

Patrícia in Italia.

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