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Capybara Jewelry ~
Earrings, Pins, and Pendants

Capybara jewelry
F028 CB - Capybara Earrings ~ US $25.00
F026 CB - Capybara Pin ~ US $20.00
F027 CB - Capybara Pendant ~ US $20.00

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This animal jewelry is unique! Any item can be ordered in a variety of colors. This sturdy, light-weight aluminum jewelry is made by Corinna Bechko, who is not only an artist, but has worked at the Los Angeles Zoo in the research division. She attended the Jewelry Arts Academy in Manhattan. What a lucky day it was for us when she discovered our web site and suggested we might want to see the jewelry she makes!

Customers have a wide variety of choices. Pendants and earrings come with a bead. Corinna will try to find any color you want, so bead choices are almost endless. The animal itself comes in a variety of colors as listed in the drop-down menu above. You will find examples of the earrings, pins and pendants and some color combinations, as well as the other animal types we sell, on our page of Aluminum Jewelry.

Each capybara measures over 1 1/4 inches from nose to tail. The pendants hang on a 17-inch black silk cord (included). You color choice can be made up quickly - probably in only a few days. Be sure to look over our other capybara toys and gifts.

The semi-aquatic cabybara or chiwiri (Hydrochoerus hydrochaeris) is the largest of all the 1,729 species of living rodents and is native to South America. It weighs about a hundred pounds, and is about 2 feet tall at the shoulder. Looking rather like a cross between a guinea pig and a hippopotamus, it lives in large groups along river banks, where it grazes on grasses and aquatic vegetation. It comes out on to dry land to rest and bask in the sun, but at the first hint of danger the whole troop dashes into the water. Its worst enemies are the puma and the jaguar. (Capybara research by Joslyn Biggins.).

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