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Stuffed Louse

F1566 B137 - Stuffed Louse, 7 inches long

F1566 B137 - Stuffed Louse, 7 inches long

US $10.00

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This engaging, realistic-looking stuffed louse is soft and floppy. It is made of durable soft plush. The legs and antennae are made of plush fabric. Our louse is gentle and loving and promises not to bite. Check out our other lice toys and gifts.

The word louse, singular for lice, is a common term for a large number of different kind of lice. Different kinds of lice are found on a myriad of host animals, including humans. Lice are so differentiated that various body parts have their own kind of lice. Humans are afflicted primarily by head lice (Pediculus humanus capitis), body lice (Pediculus humanus humanus), which live in clothing, and others, which live in body hair. The louse looks like a small flat ant. It feeds on skin debris and sucks blood. It produces eggs called nits which attach to the host's hair. The louse is an irritant for many animals, especially birds and monkeys. Much itching and scratching are the result of bothersome lice. Many animals get help from other animals to pick them off. Humans can treat head lice by cutting hair shorter, combing with a stiff comb and by shampooing with various special conditioners.

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