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Donations and Supported Projects

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Tapir at the Yokohama Zoo

July 2005:
Anders Gonalves da Silva
Bairds Tapir PHVA
Workshop Airfare Fund

In the lab preparing a PCR reaction

The Heidi Frohring
Memorial Fund

Heidi Frohring with a new baby tapir at the Woodland Park Zoo

March 2005:
Funds Matched for
for Patricia Medici

Click here to help match $1,000 Challenge Grant for Patricia Medici, shown here with tapir Napa at Branfere Zoo, France

Thanks to
Lowry Park
Zoo, 2004

Jamie the painting Rhino at the Lowry Park Zoo


Photo by Ingo Behrmann
With your help,
we have supported
most of these projects.

Other ways to donate: "Buy a Gift, Save a Species"

You can also purchase items from Tapir and Friends Wildlife Gift Shop. Here you can treat yourself, your child, or a friend to a wonderful gift depicting tapirs and other wild animals. All profits beyond the cost of the item go to the Tapir Preservation Fund. In some cases, specific amounts are sent directly to be used in field conservation work with tapirs. In every case, your purchases help educate the public and fund various tapir-related projects.

Club Tapir: 1998-2001

From 1998 until 2002, we ran this popular fundraiser. Anyone could contribute $5.00 (or more), vote for a project, and see where the money went. Click on the "Club Tapir" link and see which projects were funded.

Tapir Preservation Fund: Education Component

In order for people to care about saving tapirs, they have to know what they are. Every time you give a report in school about tapirs (students), assign reports on rain forest dwellers (teachers), or tell a friend what a tapir is (all of us), you're helping. Zoos help spread the word by keeping animals where people can see them and learn what they are. They make it possible for us to observe the tapir's amazing nose at work, exploring the world. Watching animals up close gives many people pleasure and helps them understand more about them. Each time one more person comes to appreciate a tapir, it gives the tapirs that much greater chance of being saved from extinction.

Major programs have been launched to help rhinos, tigers, elephants and other well-known animals. How many people do you know who would not recognize a rhino, tiger or elephant? Tapirs need the same "power base" of recognition. Research and field-work that would have been helpful in conserving tapirs and adding to our knowledge about them have gone unfunded. Why? The answers may be different in each case, but three words are probably at the bottom of it: lack of interest. It's a lot easier to get publicity and funding for working with a well-known species.

One of Our First Supported Projects

Ruben Nuez's Mountain Tapir Project in Ecuador.


We gratefully thank the many volunteers who have helped with the Web site, looked up tapir references in the library, contacted local zoos for tapir information, sent photos and stories for the Web, translated material into different languages, and raised money in their schools. Helping the Tapir Preservation Fund also helps the tapirs!


Join Us In Bringing Joy To The Youngest Victims Of Hurricane Katrina

The reports are heartbreaking--thousands of families in the path of hurricane Katrina lost everything and are now totally dependent on relief organizations to provide for all their needs, including toys for the children. We want to support these organizations by sending care packages of toys, preferably one a week, through the end of the year. You can help by purchasing toys from Tapir and Friends Wildlife Gift Shop to send in the care packages. You will receive a receipt for your tax deductible gift and, unless otherwise specified, your name will be added to the list of donors sent with each box and posted on our website. Just type "Hurricane Victims" in the Ship To portion of your order form or specify in comments which items in your order are to be added to the care package. Any assistance you provide will be greatly appreciated and received with joy.

Thank you for your Contributions!

September 10, 2005: Big thanks to AREA Properties, Inc., of Astoria, Oregon, for their donation of $500.00. Toys paid for by this donation were sent to relief workers at Bethany World Prayer Center in Baker, Louisiana, on Sept. 12 in the name of AREA Properties. Shipping was paid for by the Tapir Preservation Fund.

September 12, 2005: The Tapir Preservation Fund sent a number of toys from their inventory to the relief efforts in Baker, Louisiana.

September 16, 2005: Our thanks to Reba Owen of Warrenton, Oregon, for her contribution toward the Katriana Relief project. Tapir t-shirts have been sent in her name.

Purchasing a gift
from Tapir and Friends
Wildlife Gift Shop
helps preserve living tapirs
and their habitats.

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