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Q: What has 14 hooves, a rubbery snout and walks under water?


A chorus line of tapirs
Tapirus indicus
Tapirus pinchaque
Tapirus terrestris
Tapirus bairdii
Lives in Southeast Asia Weighs up to about 800 pounds
Lives in the Andes of South America. Weighs up to about 400 pounds. The only zoos in the world with mountain tapirs are Los Angeles and Colorado Springs. This species could be extinct in 10-20 years.
Lives in the rain forest of South America. Weighs up to about 600 pounds.
Lives in the jungles and forests of Central America and Mexico. Weighs up to about 700 pounds

All baby tapirs have stripes and spots at birth and weigh about 15-25 pounds. They can gain a pound per day for a year.

  • Tapirs love bananas.
  • They also eat other fruit and plants.
  • They are related to horses and rhinoceroses.
  • They make squeaking and chirping noises.
  • They swim very well and love water.
  • They have not changed much in 20 million years.
  • A tapir can move its nose in all directions, smelling.
  • It has 4 toes on each front foot, 3 on each back foot.
  • A tapir can out-maneuver a dog.
  • They can climb over steep hills, logs and fences.
  • They can crash thorough the jungle like a tank.
  • They run to water when hunted or scared.
  • They bulldoze tunnels in jungle undergrowth.
  • Tapirs are often hunted by humans.
  • Tapirs can live about 30 years.
  • Tapirs may be solitary or live in small family groups.
  • Baby tapirs stay with their mothers about two years.
  • Nobody knows if tapirs mate for life.
  • Mountain tapirs have the longest hair, about one inch.
  • Tapirs have very tough skin, like hard leather.
  • A tapir pulls food into its mouth with its flexible nose.
  • Man is by far the tapir's worst enemy.
  • Much of the tapirs' habitat has been destroyed.
  • It takes 13 months to make one baby tapir.

  • In German:
    Was hat 14 Zehen, eine gummiartige Nase und kann unter Wasser laufen?

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