Journey of Wandering Paths ~
  a tribute to the realm of imagination

Our non-linear trip begins here. It ends when there is no place else to go. But that will never really happen, because you can begin at the beginning again and take different paths, or you can go other places entirely. Anyone who can dream is never without a place to journey.

I recommend that you keep following links and see where they take you. It doesn't matter where you end up. The enjoyment should be found along the path.

Let's begin with this: it was written by an aged husband to his young wife in Paris in the 1390s. In the Middle Ages, a person was almost always bound into the circumstances of their birth. For so many, they either travelled on the wings of their imagination and dreams, or they did not travel at all. The breadth and perseverance of the human mind and spirit are astonishing.

"Gardeners say that the seed of rosemary never grows in French soil, but if you pull off some little branches of rosemary, strip them down toward the base, hold them by the tips, and plant them, they will grow again. If you want to send rosemary branches a long distance, wrap them in waxed cloth, sew them up, anoint the outside with honey, dust them with wheat flour, and send them where you will."

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