Phone (970) 434-7337 · 3320 D½ Road, Clifton, Colorado 81520
10 am to 5 pm Monday-Saturday for adoptions / till 4 pm for relinquishments

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Brandy - Spayed Chow/Collie
Sage - Spayed Lab Mix
Blue - Neutered German Shepherd/Siberian Huskey

Handsome Boy - Neutered Domestic Shorhair
Jazmen - Spayed Siamese
Pepper -Spayed Domestic Longhair

Brandy, Sage, Blue, Handsome Boy, Jazmen, and Pepper are only a few of the wonderful pets available from The Humane Society in Clifton. The normal cost of adoption is $59.00, which is a great price, considering that these animals are all neutered or spayed and have had the required tests and shots. Come in, meet the showcased pets, and look around! Sometimes you'll even find that some of the animals are going for a special low rate because they've been there the longest.

Calendar of Events

1998 Pet Calendars now available!

As many as 1,642 dogs and cats are brought into the Mesa County Humane Society each year. Our animals come to us through owner relinquishments, abandonments and strays. Annually, hundreds of our healthy animals find their way home through our pet adoption program. In addition, we maintain a register of lost and found pets in an effort to help pets find their lost owners!

Adopting an adult pet has many advantages. For one thing, they are housebroken, and are less likely to chew on things or soil floor and rugs. If an adult dog is your first pet, he or she can help train a puppy, should you get one later. The Story of Pterelas and Leila illustrates the point. The teaching aspect doesn't always go from older to younger, but a pet who is already established in your home and knows your routines and what is expected of him or her can become a teacher for a new pet. Adult animals are usually better-behaved than puppies and kittens, and are usually better around children. Also, an adult animal's personality is already established, and you can get an idea of what they will be like before you take them home. Adopting a pet can be a 10- to 20-year commitment, so you have an advantage if you know the animal first.

"For all thing share the same breath - the beasts, the trees, the man, they all share the same breath. . . . What is man without the beasts? If all the beasts were gone, men would die from a great loneliness of spirit. For whatever happens to the beasts, soon happens to man. All things are connected. . . . Whatever befalls the earth befalls the sons of the earth."
- Chief Seattle, 1854            

Every animal that leaves the shelter has already been spayed or neutered. This procedure is vital! Did you know that in order to control the pet population in the United States, EACH PERSON (man, woman and child) would need to own 45 cats and 19 dogs? Other reasons for spaying and neutering have to do with your pets' health.

All of our animals are tested for FELV/FIV (cats) and heartworms (dogs); all animals receive a distemper combination vaccination. Following each adoption, a staff member of The Humane Society personally contacts the new owners to help ensure a smooth transition for our adopted animals.

Volunteers are always welcome! In fact, The Humane Society depends on volunteers. It does not receive any public funding, but depends solely on private donations - and donations are always welcome! There are important jobs for volunteers to do both within the shelter and outside the shelter, involving animal care and various fund-raising activities. For instance, you can walk (or jog!) the dogs, brush and bathe them, give the cats some cuddle time, or help out with bingo games to raise money. Other areas in which volunteers are needed include office work and cleaning. Your efforts will be greatly appreciate by two-footeds and four-footeds alike!

Weather and holidays are important considerations for pet owners. A few simple precautions can make a big difference and could even save you pet's life.

Pets as Presents Even the best of intentions fall short when you decide to give a dog or cat as a present. For many reasons, if the commitment and bonding is not made, then disappointment follows for both the person and the pet. A pet is a big commitment and responsibility. This type of commitment is something that each individual or family needs to decide for themselves. When a person or family is deciding to get a pet, there are many things that need to be thought through.A pet will be with you for an average of 10-20 yrs. A pet is also a big finacial responsiblity. By the time a dog reaches 11yrs old, a caregiver will have spent over $13,000, according to the Animal Protection Institute. Each breeds personality and traits are different. Your choice on an animal should fit your lifestyle so that you and the pet are happy. The Mesa county Humane Society is offering "Pet Gift Certificates". You can wrap the gift certificate with a food bowl or a collar and leash. Let the person or family come out then, and share in the choice of their new family member.

Many services are provided by The Humane Society. See our Further Information page for more about the spay and neuter clinics, vaccination clinics, pet diet and health, heartworm testing and prevention, seasonal precautions, poisonous plants and materials, cremation and euthanasia.

The Mesa County Humane Society has been serving Western Colorado since 1967. It is a non-profit organization dedicated to the care and placement of dogs and cats in need. Our shelter can house approximately 100 dogs and cats daily. Operations of the facility are totally dependent upon monies collected from relinquishment and adoption fees, membership dues and individual contributions. We receive no tax dollars, or funds from the Humane Society of the United States. YOUR GENEROUS CONTRIBUTIONS MAKE A DIFFERENCE! Please let the Mesa County Humane Society be your "pet" charity. Give what your heart tells you to give today - tomorrow may be too late.

Sign Me Up Yes! I want to "Speak for Those Who Cannot Speak for Themselves." To enroll for a one year term at the level indicated.
$30.00 Active Member
$100.00 Contributing Member
$500.00 Supporting Member
$1,000.00 Gold Member
$15.00 Student Member
$_________ Other

Please indicate if you are a NEW MEMBER OR A RENEWAL. Also enclose your NAME, COMPLETE ADDRESS, AREA CODE AND PHONE NUMBER. Make your check payable to Mesa County Humane Society and send to: Mesa County Humane Society 3320 D1/2 Road Clifton, CO 81520. Please indicate if you would be interested in more information in any of the following areas:

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