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Animal Gift and Toy Store

Baby cheetah stuffed animal
Tapir and Friends Animal Store. Stuffed, plush, jewelry and more! Supports tapir conservation.

The Tapir Gallery

Sheryl with baby tapir, Mona, about 1972
The official web site of the Tapir Preservation Fund. Tapirs have been my passion since 1968.

My Web Site, Blogs, and Other Places

Paris, Louvre
Where the tentacles of my cyber world come together.

Tapirback Books

Tapirback Books Logo (c) 1996 to 2006 by Sheryl Todd, beautified for the Web in 2005 by Julie Marquardt.

The book I'm writing about Hudson and Joy is 1,000 pages in draft. Yikes! Check out this link for progress and interesting stories.

tapirback.com is three things: The web site of The Tapir Preservation Fund (TPF), the online store that supports TPF, and Sheryl Todd's personal web site.

When I created my site in 1996, I bought a domain and called it "tapirback.com." It was a pun made from tapirs and books ("paperback"). I put up some pictures and stories about my experience raising tapirs, and I called that part of my site "The Tapir Gallery." Tapir fans began to visit who wanted to help save these endangered animals. I also met people in the field doing the actual work of tapir conservation. In 1998 I founded The Tapir Preservation Fund to help bring these two groups together. I simply expanded The Tapir Gallery as TPF's fledgling home on the web. If you want, you can read more about the history of The Tapir Gallery and its unusual store. The links below lead to tapir stores, my stores, blogs, photos, and Facebook pages, as well as into the corridors of my own web gallery. Thank you for visiting!


Tapir and Friends Animal Store

Baby cheetah stuffed animal
This store is part of my 501 (c) (3) nonprofit for tapir conservation.

Our CafePress Store for Tapir Conservation

Our CafePress store for tapir conservation
"Buy a gift, save a species" is a slogan we've used since 1996. Come see all the cool tapir gifts CafePress has made possible!

Animal Gifts and Toys Blog

Tapir and Friends Animal Store Blog
Tapir and Friends Animal Store supports tapir conservation and teaches appreciation for wildlife..

The Tapir Preservation Fund (TPF) Blog

Tapir Preservation Fund (TPF) Blog
The official blog of the Tapir Preservation Fund (TPF). A nonprofit for tapir conservation.


Etsy Store: Tapirgal Loves Art

My artwork on Etsy
It's true, art has been my passion even longer than tapirs. My original artwork and a few vintage discoveries.

My Photos and Images on Bigstock

My stock photos and images on Bigstock
Stock photos for every occasion. Need an image? It's amazing what you can find here!

My Stuff on eBay

Sheryl on eBay
If I have anything on eBay, it will be here. Some is for the Tapir Fund, and some is for me.

Books and More on Amazon

Sheryl on Amazon.com
I've been selling my used books and have posted some overstocked animal toys, but it seems to be a buyer's market over at Amazon.


Sheryl Todd's Personal Blog

Sheryl Todd's Personal Blog
I started posting April 8, 2006, with a picture I took of this nice rock fish at the Oregon Coast Aquarium.

Astoria, Oregon, Daily Photo

See Astoria, Oregon, one photo per day
See Astoria, Oregon, one photo per day.

Theodore Jameson Todd

Theodore J. Todd
A link to posts on my blog in memory of my father, Ted Todd (1923-2003).

Animal Art Along the Way

Fish mosaic in Astoria, Oregon
I didn't realize how many of my photos were of animal art, or how much of it there was out there. What fun!

Tapirgal's Daily Image

Mountain goat
From my archives - something fun to look at and remember.

On the Pavement

Things seen on the pavement.
Because sometimes looking down is as interesting as looking up.

Hudson and Joy: An American History in Letters

An old letter from 1856 written by N.C. Hudson

I'm writing a book with lots of letters from the 1800s. Come join me in the process!


All of My 90-plus Picasa Albums

Purple Foxglove
Most are my photos, but some are not. Includes all pictures from my blogs.

Panoramio and Google Earth

Beautiful sunset
What the Earth looks like through eyes


Journey of Wandering Paths

From a collage by Sheryl Todd
A non-linear trip through art, time, and dreams. An early web experiment.


Lots of pictures: photos, art, magnifent places on Earth
Photos and art: animals, industrial images, and magnificent places, inlcuding Paris, Colorado, and Oregon

Stanley and Mona Tapir

Sheryl with Mona Tapir
The two tapirs I raised in Claremont, California


Some of my favorite places on the Web
Some of my favorite places on the Web - a few of them, anyway


Places - Paris is always wonderful - Ste Chapelle, lower level
Off-site links to a few of our special places on Earth

(Each Blog has a Facebook Page)

Tapirgal's Daily Image

Mountain goat at Grand Junction airport - Walker Field
Because places like this exist in the world.

Animal Art Along the Way

Capybara crossing road sign
I realized it's EVERYWHERE if you notice such things.

On the Pavement

Paving stones at Bodleian Library, Oxford
What you see when walking.

Astoria, Oregon, Daily Photo

Beautiful sunset
A photo a day of the town where I live.

Hudson and Joy: A History in Letters

Purple Foxglove
An American history and biographies I hope to publish in 2014.

Sheryl Todd's Personal Blog

Sandals and socks
I did a lot if walking in these shoes. I don't know why others read this, but it does me good to write it.

Tapir Preservation Fund

Baby Tapir, Melon
People who love tapirs find this page. The picture is Melon, Stanley's daughter.

Tapir and Friends Animal Store

Baby tapir, Stanley K. Tapir
Here people gather who like animal toys and collectibles. The drawing of Stanley reminds us that the store helps tapirs.

Only after the last tree has been cut down,
only after the last river has been poisoned,
only after the last fish has been caught,
only then will you find that money can not be eaten.


Your purchase of
stuffed animals, plastic animals,
and other toys and gifts from
Tapir and Friends Wildlife World
helps preserve endangered species
and their rainforest habitats.

All tapirs are endangered species
Saving tapirs helps save the rainforest

Write to Sheryl: tapir@tapirback.com